Book Manuscript

World War II and American Racial Politics (full manuscript available upon request)


Civil Rights, World War II, and U.S. Public Opinion.” 2016. Studies in American Political Development 30(1). 38-61.

The Heterogeneity of Southern White Distinctiveness.” 2014. American Politics Research 42(4). 551-578.

Working Papers

“Race, Religion, and Obama in Appalachia” (accepted for publication in Social Science Quarterly)

“Slavery, Reconstruction, and Bureaucratic Capacity in the American South” (with Pavithra Suryanarayan)

“State Parties, the Democratic National Committee, and Civil Rights Liberalism”

“Politics of the American South” (invited contribution to Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science)

“Illiberalism and American Public Opinion: The Case of Forced Sterilization in 1937 and 1980”